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So it’s Mid-February and it’s almost spring here , ya hopefully , winter seems to never end at times and in a month or two there would be summer in different parts of the world. Summer means means fun, Kids school holidays, summer means travel. And when it comes to travel with kids one needs to have a bit of planning. You need to pack their clothes, 1-2 small toys, recreation activities and off-course food.

I always like to have some food handy no matter where I go. Even if it means going to a friend’s house at 1-2 hour’s. It always helps to have something as you never know kids can be hungry anytime or even if not, it is better that they do not go on empty stomach at anyone’s place. One needs to even travel for long distance journey’s and in summers people travel at length be it train , bus or air. The travel at times takes 1-2 days.

I remember during my childhood, we use to travel to our native and my mom use to carry puri and bhaji, with some pickle and then there were many sides to it. Puri was a common thing I guess in most of Indian travel as they stay fresh for longer duration. While travelling I mostly prepare Masala sandwiches, stuffed paratha, theplas, Idlis, etc. But off-course we run out of ideas and my family gets bored of the same thing. So I decided to host the Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight theme where the focus is on Travel food.

I am very excited to host for the first time ever this “Kid’s Delight Theme -Travel Food”. You can make any food which is suitable for kids to eat during travelling. For example I prefer finger food or food that they can grab and eat while enjoying or playing. This is just my opinion but you can choose any or share what you take along or would like to take during travel.

Guidelines for the event:

  • From 15th February – March 15th, you are welcome to join the “Kids delight – Travel Food” that will make a kid happy!
  • The entries have to be vegetarian. Egg-based recipes are ok. 
  • Multiple entries are allowed too.
  • You need to post the recipe between Feb 15, 2019, and March 15th, 2019. No archives please, only new post.
  • Kindly add these link –> Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight event, guest hosted by Renu themed on Travel food.
  • Non Bloggers can send in your entries too, mail me the recipe with an image at
  • Adding the below logo is compulsory.

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