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Recap of 2018 @ Cook with Renu

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What a year it was. completely busy and filled with loads of new things happenings at my end. Took up blogging seriously and booked a domain for my blog. Added lots of new recipes from different countries and different cuisines,  learnt new cooking techniques, new recipes and participated in different recipe challenges.

In 2018, I added a total of 133 new recipes, which in itself is a benchmark for my blog. But it was not possible to do all this alone. We lose focus and lose track when we are working alone. So I engaged in a lot of food groups which helped me in connecting with my readers as well as with fellow bloggers opening up a new virtual world to me. We have different groups where we participate in different challenges and replicate or create new recipes. This has helped me a lot and blogging is now my second or third active job , after my office and home :-).

Collection of Snacks & Starters

In 2018 , I participated in different Monthly groups like Blogging Marathon, Shhh Cooking Secretly group, Baking Bloggers, Bread Bakers etc. Yearly events as Cookoutweek and Choctoberfest. The biggest event I participated was the Mega Blogging Marathon, in the month of September, where I posted 26 International flatbread recipes, in the order of A-Z. It was quite a challenge , but I was satisfied when I completed the Marathon. Also was overjoyed to read such awesome feedback from my friends and readers on my blogs. Such positive feedback encourages and motivates me to work more hard and experiment for more innovative dishes.

Compilation of A-Z International Flatbreads

I even hosted an event for MLLA, aka My legume Love affair and it received a very good response. I intend to pursue hosting such events more actively in 2019 as they are great way of learning new recipes and sharing with my readers.  

No Onion No Garlic

The best recipes of 2018 I loved were Danish Pastry, Beetroot and Dates Energy Bites, Manakish Za’atar, Jamaican Flatbread (Bammy) , Injera, No Bake Chocolate Weetabix Energy Slice, Baked Chickpea crackers , etc. This are just a few names, I can go on and on with my favorites.

I even added a lot of healthy recipes with alternate flours or without sugar,. To name a few, Egg-less, Butter-Less Chocolate Ragi Brownie, Sugar-less No Churn Strawberry Banana Ice cream, Vegan No Bake Avocado Cheese Cake, Sugarless and Vegan Apple & Carrot Loaf.

Sweets (No Sugar or Jaggery or Honey)

Lemon Cake (no baking powder, no baking soda) is the most popular recipe on my blog followed by, Quinoa chia Multiseed Bread, Butter-less and Sugar-less Dates & Walnut Cake etc.

And now we begin our food journey of 2019. I have already started working on my Jan 2019 posts and soon you will receiving many more different, delicious and healthy recipes. I would like to thank you all for supporting and encouraging me through 2018. I will endeavor to bring more exciting and tasty recipes in 2019 for my dear readers. My Best wishes to all of you and your loved ones for the new year !!!


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Sharing is caring!


Monday 7th of January 2019

That's a huge and fantastic list of recipes you seem to have done in 2018 renu. Looking forward for more this year!


Monday 7th of January 2019

Thank You :-)