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Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana PanCake

Writing this recipe was pending for long time, so thought of writing this for the Blogging Marathon , Kids Delight, Chocolate Recipes. This recipe is similar to my Whole Wheat Banana pancake. My son simply loves, the Whole Wheat Banana pancake. I simply decorate it with some chocolate sauce or nutella or some chocolate chips with …

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Mix Lentils and Beans Chila/Dosa/Pancake

Updated on 25-June-2018 with pictures and more content More into clean eating, healthy food for everyone and counting calories. I use to make this mix Lentil and Beans Chila/pancake earlier, but it was specific to only green and yellow mung dals. Now I add everything I can. I generally mix dals, beans and rice mixture …

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Veg Manchurian (Without Ajinomoto)

I love the way Indo-Chinese food is made, first due to the taste it imparts and secondly one can sneak in many vegetables in it and knowing this too it is eaten happily by children’s and fussy adults.  I mentioned Indo-Chinese (Indian Chinese Cuisine) as it is the adaptation of Chinese Seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes …

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