Recipes  with  Apple

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Potato Apple Bread

A popular breakfast or a tasty dessert filled with sweetened apples from north-eastern Ireland and especially around Halloween.

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Overnight Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Rolls

This breakfast Rolls can be baked ahead of time and are the perfect treat when you just need something warm and comforting.

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A lip-smacking Instant pickle that has the tartness of the fresh juicy green apples and the spice from the masala.

Instant Green Apple Pickle

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Whole Wheat Butternut Squash and Apple Muffins

Deliciously light, moist and loaded with the goodness of oats and fruits.

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Fudgy, moist and delicious, this fall treat is loaded with apples and some chocolate.

Fudgy Chocolate Apple Brownies

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Sugarless & Vegan Apple and Carrot Loaf

Perfect for Breakfast or as a snack (Processed sugar free, Vegan)

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Apple and Cheese Sourdough Discard Focaccia

An easy no-knead focaccia, that has a chewy crumb and a crispy curst, made using sourdough discard.