Recipes for Fasting / Vrat / Upvas

Recipes for Fasting / Vrat / Upvas

Amaranth Blackberry Yogurt Parfait

Can be done in as quickly as ten minutes and is a filling meal option for fasting days

Indian Style Avocado Lassi

Perfect breakfast smoothie or a meal made using 4 ingredients

Pumpkin Sweet Potato and Amaranth Patties

GF Patties or burgers made using sweet potato and Amaranth. 

Air Fryer Sabudana Vada

Super addictive fritters made using GF sago fritters. Perfect as a snack or breakfast.

Farali Singhara Paratha

A gluten free flatbread made using Singhara (Water Chestnut Flour) on a pan or a griddle without any leavening agents.

Buckwheat Sweet Potato Pancakes

3 ingredients (excluding water)  GF pancakes made without any leavening agent and are perfect for breakfast or lunch.

Farali Kuttu aur Singhara ka Dhokla

Instant steamed savory snack or a meal made using Water Chestnut & Buckwheat Flour. GF and Vegan and can be done in around 30 minutes.

Protein and Fibre-rich chutney made using  Peanuts, Sesame seeds and Curd/Yogurt. 

Samak Rice Khichdi

Made using GF Barnyard Millet, a healthy millet meal and a good replacement for rice.

Farali Kuttu ki Khichdi

A protein rich, healthy and GFkhichdi made using Buckwheat groats.

Rajgira Kadhi

Kadhi or Soup made using gluten free Amaranth (Rajgira) flour and Yogurt/curd. It has a slight tangy taste from the sour curd and is filling and comforting soup.

Farali Kali Mirch Aloo

A simple and quick, dry potato vegetable made using potato and seasoned with black pepper powder.

Farali Raw Banana Kebab

Upvas ke cutlet or Kacche Kele ki tikki is a pan-fried healthy and gluten-free patty made using raw banana, potato and flour.