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Indian Fasting Recipes

Jamaican FlatBread – Bammy (Vegan & Gluten Free)

So for the letter J we are travelling today to Jamaica. Yes the country name starts with J and not the bread, but really could not get any with J, so thought of making this. Though my first shortlisted bread for the letter J, was Jordanian Shrak, but it has to be cooked on direct …

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Singdana Raita (Peanut Yogurt dip)

  Raita is often used to describe a condiment of Indian Subcontinent made using dahi (Yogurt) along with raw or cooked vegetables. There are many different types of Raita’s and some very common like Boondi Raita. I make a quite of them like Pudina Raita, Potato Raita, Cucumber Raita etc. We can call raita a …

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