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About Me

I am a Computer Engineer by Profession and am a working mother too. I am an optimistic person. I love to take challenges and learn new things. 3 simple words taught by my mother, “Nothing is impossible” lay my foundation. Simply work hard and always look around for different options which came from my father.

I love gardening, travelling, cooking whatever cuisines I can, baking cakes, and making chocolates. I love to learn new things.

About blogging:

My first ever blog was about my mother. Here is the link for it. My Maa.

I have now started compiling or writing my recipes on the net or simply blogging. The idea came to my mind because it is simply difficult in today’s global world to keep hard copies or even keep them on my device. So thought of putting it on the net. Multiple benefits, I can have them whenever I want, and the other when friends or family ask you can simply share the link instead of writing all over again. Also when my friends and family love it, It motivates me to do more.

But now I simply love to blog to help share the recipes.

The recipes are a collection of what my mother taught me, some from what I learned from the net, my friends and cousins, and some from my knowledge or my experiments which are more done on 2 of my favourite food critics and they are my husband and my brother. And yes they have to taste all my experiments :-). And now there is 1 more, my Son.

Some recipes are a collection of multiple recipes which I found from different expert chefs or blogs on the net. I do modify or combine them according to the taste I require or I feel the best.

Most recipes will be vegetarian, but I even cook non veg. I might not know the taste of it but yes my husband is there to help me there.

Cakes & Chocolates recipes I would not be able to share soon as that is my business. I am learning with every new cake and I do take professional cake orders. Visit and like my fb page for checking my latest cakes and photos, Chocorains – Cakes, Chocolates & more

If you like my recipe hit the like and the share button and do post your comments.

I always welcome suggestions or feedback as that makes me learn more and improve myself. If you want to contact me, I am available at

So let’s learn together.

Thank you,

Renu Agrawal-Dongre