21 Easy Dinner Dishes

What shall I make today? Does this question sounds familar? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. Many a times we have a question what to cook today. At times we are so pressed on time that we really do not have much time to cook a full Indian meal. That is Roti, Sabji, Curry/Dal and Rice.

21 Easy Dinner Dishes

We want to give our family fresh home cooked and healthy food. Today’s time are changing and being a working mother I too struggle in the evening’s as what to cook. With no house help or maid here, many a times, I look for Easy dinner dishes. I want to cook light and easy food and enjoy some time with my family. It can be either some curry or sabji to along with rice or roti or a simple snack converted to main meals.

So when Srivalli from “Spice Your life” announced the theme “Easy Dinner Dishes” for our BM we a group of blogger’s dished out what we cook easily for our family. The recipes we got for this theme were healthy, easy and lip-smacking delicious. Ranging from curries, to paratha’s, dry sabji’s and even healthy burger patties. I have myself bookmarked a few to try. Do check out for yourself a list of recipes below:

Usha from “MySpicyKitchen” shared

Imagine Craberry Dal, I am just drooling over the name.

Priya Suresh from “Cook N Click” shared three Yummy curries.

What an innovative way to use Butternut Squash & Drumstick in a Dal. Let the fussy eaters have some Butternut Squash.

Sushma Pinjala from”From My Kitchen to Yours” , Shared

I am in love with her Masala Appe and can have it anytime of the day.

21 Easy Dinner Dishes

Srivalli from “Cooking 4 all Seasons” shared

I am new to this curry and would love to try, where in Black chana, brinjal and few other ingredients are added to make a yummy curry.

Harini from “Tamalapaku” shared

Yes Sweet Potato and Tofu in a Burger Patties. I have already bookmarked this healthy and protein rich dish.

Vaishali Sabnani from “Ribbons to Pastas” Shared

mmm that Leela Kanda and Ganthia nu Shaak is one of my favorites and she has made it to perfection.

And finally it’s my turn, “Cook with Renu“. I shared

I know the list of ingredient’s for Hydrebadi Baingan ka Salan is huge. But it is a very quick and easy. Let your fussy eaters enjoy this yummy Baingan.

Few More collection of recipes on my blog

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