Compilation of A-Z International Flatbreads


Wow !!! September was an exciting month for me with my first mega Blogging Marathon, that is blogging continuously for the whole month except on Sundays . I restarted active blogging since March this year and every month I try to do few posts based on my schedule. For the month of September I accepted the challenge of doing this Mega BM. A bit tough with office, home, kids  but I wanted to do it and I am very happy that I finished it on schedule and posted all my recipes on time.


Compilation of A-Z International Flatbreads

As part of this challenge , I had 3 options to choose from

  1. A to Z Indian Flatbread (excluding Dosa, crepes, pancakes)
  2. A to Z International Flatbreads (can include 1 Indian flatbread)
  3. A to Z Indian Breads (includes Dosas, crepes, pancakes)


And as you all know, I choose – A to Z International Flatbreads, i.e. Flatbreads starting with a letter for each day and contain only one Indian Flatbread, limiting the country names or adjectives as prefix .


I love exploring new recipes and cuisines, so I decided to opt for the International Flatbread series and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this challenge. I got to know so many different types of cuisines, so many different flatbread’s, some healthy and some a treat – sure to leave you wanting for more. In many ways I found that the food in different countries relate or are similar to each other but yet so different. The method of cooking, the way the vegetables are incorporated and the way the bread is cooked makes a lot of difference in texture, taste and appearance.


I shuffled the list many times before deciding on a dish. Specially with the difficult letters, I kept on holding till the last moment, as I wanted to use the proper names. I remember for the letter A, first I had decided Arepa, but had to shuffle just 2 days before the start of the Marathon. I started with the first 2 breads in June , had a brief pause and only restarted again in Mid August. Due to time and office constraints, we were eating 3 breads at times on weekend’s and Friday 🙂 and made some quick breads on weekdays too.


All in all to summarize, I loved the series and I now have a collection of 26 new recipes and much more, which I could not prepare as had to do only 26, but yes, it will be coming slowly.


I would like to Thank Srivalli from Spice your Life for coming up with this theme and my blogger friends who worked as a team and encouraged each other, then my friends and readers of my blog who were with me in this journey. And lastly a big thank you to my DH & Kids who experimented all my breads without which it would have not been possible. Hoping to have many more of such series.



Recap of recipes in this series of A-Z International FlatBreads



A – Afghani Bolani


Afghani Bolani


B – Boxty – Irish Potato FlatBread

Boxty - Irish Potato FlatBread


C – Corn Tortilla

Corn Tortilla



D – Dhal Puri




E – English Muffins

English Muffins



F -Farinata Genovese : Ligurian Chickpea FlatBread


Farinata Genovese : Ligurian Chickpea Flatbread


G – Gözleme (Turkish Flatbread with Potato, Spinach, Mint and Feta Cheese)

Gözleme - Turkish FlatBread


H – Harcha (Moroccan FlatBread)



I – Injera (Ethiopian FlatBread)




J – Jamaican FlatBread – Bammy


Jamaican FlatBread - Bammy


K – Knäckebröd – Swedish Multi-Seed Crispbread


Knäckebröd - Swedish Multi-Seed Crispbread


L- Lachuch (Yemenite FlatBread)




M – Manakish Za’atar (Levantine FlatBread)


Manakish Za’atar


N – Noni Afghani (Afghan FlatBread)



O – Omani Maldouf – A FlatBread made with Dates


Omani Maldouf - A FlatBread made with Dates


P – Potato Apple Bread



Q – Qistibi



R – Rye Flatbread (Icelandic)

Rye Flatbread


S – Syrian Pita Bread

Syrian Pita Bread


T – Tiganopsomo – The Greek version of fried Bread



U – Uzbek Flatbread – Obi Non

Uzbek Flatbread - Obi Non


V – Venezuela’s Flatbread – Arepa

Venezuela's Flatbread - Arepa


W – Warqi Paratha


Warqi Paratha


X – Xaxaba Diphaphata (FlatBread from Botswana)


Xaxaba Diphaphata (Flatbread from Botswana)


Y – Yufka (Turkish FlatBread)


Yufka (Turkish Flatbread)


Z – Zhingyalov Hats (Armenian FlatBread)


Zhingyalov Hats




Love to read your comments and feedback. Do drop a line in the comment section if you like and do not forget to rate the Recipe. If you try this recipe, would love to see your creations, take a picture and do tag me at @cookwithrenu using the hashtag #Cookwithrenu on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and @Renunad on Instagram. Subscribe to my email list so that you get the recipe straight in your mailbox.


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11 thoughts on “Compilation of A-Z International Flatbreads”

  • Such a fantastic array of dishes and a beautiful roundup. So glad you finished your first mega marathon with such delightful dishes. Kudos to you!! Looking forward to many more such marathons with you. Was lovely doing this marathon with you!

  • Mega BM are challenging and fun . I am very passionate about them , they show the creative side of you .
    Kudos on your first one , I can assure you , you will be hooked on .
    Choosing international Flatbreads is a tough theme but you did with such ease , loved all your posts and have bookmarked this post as this is the one stop read !
    Awesome , keep rocking .

  • Fantastic series Renu. You have really worked so hard to get the apt dish for each letter. A wonderful collection which I am sure will be so useful. I have bookmarked some that I haven’t tried. What you said about eating 3 bread over the weekend was what happened in my case too..but we did it!

  • All the international flatbreads that you chose are so nice Renu.Some of them so unique and that too from countries I haven’t even heard of! I have bookmarked quite a few flatbreads to try out. And as for this marathon, I did a cooking marathon to complete the posts,with many of them being cooked ,clicked and posted on the same day! Anyway, it was fun doing this mega BM with you.

  • Renu, first of all congratulations on completing your first Mega BM without any delay in posts. It requires so much dedication and you’ve managed to do that with all the other responsibilities. Love your collection of International flatbreads, have bookmarked quite a few.

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