2 Ingredients Hazelnut Chocolate Butter

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When I am making different types of butter how can I not make the famous Hazelnut chocolate butter or a butter with chocolate. I love chocolate and so does my son. He loves to spread it on his waffle or bread. So I thought of giving this a try. I have made this with just 2 ingredients Hazelnut and dark chocolate. So for those thinking chocolate to children , I used dark chocolate which is healthier, and please invest in good quality chocolate, which is a lot healthier. I have not added any sweet to this as it has the required sweetness from chocolate and Hazelnut even though its dark. One can add sugar or honey if required. 

Hazelnut are a versatile nut because its is used in many different ways. They can be enjoyed raw, roasted in paste as in butter. Commonly found in Nutella (a hazelnut spread) and added to chocolate. Hazelnut spreads are used in cookies, cakes and sandwiches. One can read more about it on the net.

I simply made this with 2 ingredients and the third ingredient is patience. As said in my earlier post on Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, to get a smooth consistency butter you need Patience and a food processor or at least a powerful blender. I had made this once earlier and the result was not a smooth consistency butter only due to my lack of patience. This time I was determined to make it properly and patiently. I have kept the skin intact but one can remove if required.

We are starting a new Blogging Marathon for the month of June 2018, where we a group of bloggers choose  a minimum of 2 different themes and blog for 3 continuous day in a week. I have participated in 4 different themes for this month and the theme for this week opted by me is Condiments. So this is my third condiment recipe.

Hazelnut Chocolate Butter



Hazelnut Chocolate Butter



Hazelnut Chocolate Butter


Hazelnut Chocolate Butter

The earlier two were:

Spicy Vada Pao Chutney | Spicy Garlic and Red chilly Chutney
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So no more talking and straight to the recipe:



  • 1 Cup Hazelnuts
  • 1/4 Cup Roughly chopped Dark chocolate or chocolate chips



  • Spread the hazelnuts on a baking sheet let it roast for 5 minutes or until you see the skins have starts coming.
  • This can be done on a pan with medium heat.
  • Once cooled, take that in the food processor and start grinding in intervals of a min and every time giving it a quick mix as it has a tendency to get stuck up under the blades.
  • I have not removed the skins, one can remove if desired.
  • Repeat this until you get the desired consistency. Give a break after 5-8 minutes if it is not done. Repeat after some time. But this was much quicker than peanut butter.
  • At almost the end of it melt the chocolate and add to the hazelnut mixture.
  • Chocolate melting in microwave should be done in burst of 30 seconds or less. A good quality chocolate should melt in 1 min or a little more. After every 30 seconds stir it. Stirring the chocolate causes friction and it melts. Mine was done in around 70 seconds. After 70 seconds I had some pieces but stirring it melted it completely.
  • One can use a double boiler too melt the chocolate.


Hazelnut Chocolate Butter


  • Blend it again and you are done.
  • Enjoy it with a slice of bread or on crackers or just gobble it πŸ™‚



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Hazelnut Chocolate Butter


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