Sonth using Gud (Imli Chutney using Jaggery/Gud)

Name soth (yes that is what we call) and my mouth starts watering. Khati mithi imli ki chutney. I always keep a jar of this in my fridge. It is always a good alternative to tomato ketchup in many dishes. Goes well in all chatpata items like pani puri, sev puri, bhel puri, white dhokla, khaman dhokla, rav chila…the list is endless and I am already drooling. I also make it a point to make it with Jaggery instead of sugar, so it becomes healthy too. Jaggery has the ability to cleanse your body and act as a digestive agent and it sweeten’s the food in a healthy manner. So here goes the recipe:



  • Imli (Tamarind) 1/4 cup
  • Gud (Jaggery) (start with 1 cup crushed… per taste – not giving measurement as it has to be adjusted as per taste and salt)
  • Kala Namak (Black Salt as per taste)
  • Roasted Crushed Jeera Powder ( 1 teaspoon)


  1. Soak Imli for around 2 hours in normal water or luke warm water
  2. After 2 hours, remove the seeds and the threads on the sides and any impurities it has.
  3. Blend the Imli puree in a grinder.
  4. Filter the Imli puree using a seive.
  5. Now in a heavy bottom vessel, take the jaggery and melt it on a slow gas.
  6. Once melted add the filtered Imli pulp, Kala Namak.
  7. Taste it in between. It should be sweet at the same time a little tangy. So add more Jaggery if not sweet.
  8. It it is too tangy add more salt. Salt will remove the tanginess in it.
  9. Add jaggery or salt until you reach the desired taste.
  10. Just let it simmer for 3-4 minutes and then switch off the flame.
  11. Once cooled add Roasted crushed Jeera Powder and store it in a air tight container or a glass jar in the refrigerator.
  12. Khati mithi Imli chutney is ready to be served.


Some Information (Source Wikipedia)

Jaggery (Gud)
Tamarind (Imli)




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