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Tea Time Pakora Platter (6 different Pakora Recipes)

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Tea time Pakora Platter is an addictive platter or a tea time tea snack which has 6 different types of pakoras served. They are dangerously addictive, crunchy, yummy and go well with tea, rains and friends. 

Tea time Pakora Platter is an addictive platter which has 6 different types of pakoras. They are yummy and crunchy snack or tea time fritters.

Whenever we make bhajiya in our house it is always a mix, just not one. So putting up this platter for our month long BM theme was easy for me. Though you might not see a very big platter or thali, just enough to serve four of us.

And yes it has everyone’s favourite pakoras. However there were new favourites picked up after this platter like, my husband enjoyed gobi pakora and my son and daughter loved palak pakoda.

More Pakora Recipes

Even though the title says 6 different Pakora recipes, that is only because I made 6 different types for this platter. As we could not finish more than this. But if you are looking for more pakora recipes, I have this, Crunchy and yummy Moong dal Pakora, Besan Pakodi/Pakora, left over rice pakoda, Rajasthani Paush Vada and Dudhi Kofta .

Tea time Pakora Platter is an addictive platter which has 6 different types of pakoras. They are yummy and crunchy snack or tea time fritters.

One Batter for Pakora

Except for Onion pakora, and one way of palak pakoda, the batter for the remaining pakoras is the same. So all you need to do is make a batter one time and you are sorted. Simply dip it in any veggie of your choice and you have one yummy and delicious fritters.

Few Tips on making and frying Pakora

  • Pakora batter should not be too runny or too thick. 
  • Too runny batter will not coat the vegetables properly and too thick will leave a thick coating. You will feel that you are just eating gram flour.
  • Cook it on slow to medium in the start so that the inside gets cooked.
  • Later you can increase the flame to give it a nice outer crunchy layer.
  • The oil should be hot before you start frying. Cold oil or oil at less temperature will result in the veggies absorbing oil.
  • I have never added oil or any other flour for extra crunch. They are good and crunchy when you follow the above process.
Tea time Pakora Platter is an addictive platter which has 6 different types of pakoras. They are yummy and crunchy snack or tea time fritters.

So in  Today’s platter I have

  • Chopped Palak Pakora – Here palak or spinach is chopped roughly. Gram flour along with the spice mix is coated. It is then deep fried. Recipe coming soon.
Close up look of Chopped Palak Pakora

  • Onion Pakora – Crunchy and Yummy, onion pakora are a must in monsoon for us. I make it in 2 ways, using appe pan and deep fried. You can check the recipe for Onion Pakora here.
Close up look of Onion Pakora

  • Whole Palak Pakora – I love this one. Here the whole palak is cleaned and rinsed. It is then dipped in gram flour batter and fried. They come out super crunchy. I have used my home grown palak to make this pakora. Recipe coming soon.
Close up look of Whole Palak Pakora

  • Aloo Bhajiya/Pakora – Potato slices are cut into thin roundels. They are then dipped in gram flour batter and fried.
Close up look of Aloo Pakora

Close up look of Gobi Pakora

  • Mirchi Bhajiya/Pakora – A must for us when we make vada pav or any pakora or bhajiya. Green chillies are slitted, dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried.
Close up look of Mirchi Pakora

I have served this with 3 different types of chutneys. They are Green Coriander Chutney, Sonth or Imli Chutney using Jaggery and Spicy Vada Pao Garlic Chutney

Close up look of Three Types of Chutneys Coriander, Tamarind and Spicy Garlic

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Tea time Pakora Platter is an addictive platter which has 6 different types of pakoras. They are yummy and crunchy snack or tea time fritters. Fritters are served on a wooden board with Coriander, Imli and Garlic chutneys on the side.

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    Gobi pakora or Cauliflower pakoda is an irresistible and addictive tea time fritter which are crunchy on the outside, soft inside and perfect as a party appetizer. They are served in a black bowl with 2 chutneys, coriander and tamarind.
    Gobi Pakora (Cauliflower Tea Time Fritters)
    Baba Ghanoush or baba ganoush is a smoky addictive eggplant dip made with mashed and cooked eggplant, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, & salt. It is served with some pita bread with a garnish of oil, tomato and olives.
    Baba Ghanoush (Creamy Eggplant dip)


    Saturday 28th of November 2020

    This is one platter which we never get bored of. Chennai weather now calls for this hot hot pakodas. Looks too tempting and delicious.

    Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

    Friday 16th of October 2020

    When I make pakodas it always a mix of all veggies. I usually make with brinjal, potato, plantain, zucchini and of course onion. The whole spinach one is unique and interesting. Very nice. Delicious platter and an irresistible one too.

    Suma Gandlur

    Saturday 26th of September 2020

    That is one yummy , crispy pakora platter with all the popular ones included. Pakoras and monsoon weather are a match made in heaven. Right now I have that kind of weather and I am craving for this platter.

    Harini Rupanagudi

    Friday 25th of September 2020

    Wow! What a tempting platter that is. My family will kill me if they see this picture. They have been behind me to get atleast one pakoda platter :) Every pakoda stands on its own with a distinct flavor.


    Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

    I love the pakora platter , where you have picked the best if the lot . Your palak pakoras look super crispy . Mine remain crisp for a while , but soon become limp - this is with palak ones only , i love to make chat from these , but somehow i fail . Let me follow your tips on this .