Homemade Mix Fruit Jam (Rhubarb, Strawberries, Apricot, Plum)

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This is my first take on Jam. To be true I have not planned this or never thought of making it soon. But I had some fruits lying and it was not being eaten and I had bought Rhubarb for the first time thinking will add it to my Ice cream or do something with it, not knowing what. I first tasted Rhubarb raw and to be true the first taste I felt a bit bland probably because never tasted it. I first thought of making only rhubarb jam but since we have never had Rhubarb it was better to mix it with something. I had a big box of strawberries lying and I simply added half of the box in it. I know the ingredients in a jam needs to be measured but by my nature and way of cooking I roughly measured the number of cups. Added around half of the sugar, some lemon juice, rest of lemon and done. You just need to cook on medium to slow gas stirring in between and it’s done. It’s a no fuss and easy recipe which can be multi tasked along with other things, which I love.

The jam turned out super tasty, I was literally leaking the spoon after I filled a glass jar. We are currently enjoying this with our toast/bread and my DH liked it so much, his comment was it’s much better than the store bought ones where you literally just taste sugar.


The other thing to remember in this is that you need to have a clean sterile container to fill this. So I boiled a big pot of water, added my glass jars in it, let it boil for 5 minutes or so and then removed it and let it dry. The glass needs to be completely cleaned. It is said that you can pack this jam bottles air tight and keep it for a year. I have yet to try that, may be next time. So until then keep watching this space and check out the recipe below.

never thought of posting it for the cookoutweek, as I wanted to add one salad and did not even think if I can post the jam and was wondering time is going by and I do not have a recipe ready. But yes why can’t I add this Jam to cookooutweek, what is summer without those fresh fruits. A homemade jam from those fresh fruits is simply yum.   


Last point before I shut my mount, you can simply skip the plum and apricots and call it Rhubarb and Strawberries jam, as the quantity of the earlier two was very less.


Mix Fruit Jam




Mix Fruit Jam



Mix Fruit Jam


Mix Fruit Jam


So here goes the recipe:


  • Rhubarb (1 bunch – had 7-8 stalks in it – approximately 2.5 cups)
  • Strawberries about (approximate 2 cups)
  • Plum- 1 
  • Apricots – 2 small (Along with Plum, 1 cup)
  • Sugar half quantity of fruits (I took 5 cups)
  • Zest of 1 Lemon (Medium Size)
  • Juice of 1.5 Lemon (Medium Size)
Next time I will update this recipe by mentioning the ingredients in gms.
    1. Wash all the fruits nicely with normal water.
    2. Tap it dry with a clean kitchen towel. (We do want any water)
    3. Roughly chopped the fruits. 
    1. In a clean heavy bottom pan add all the cut fruits, Sugar, lemon rind and Juice.
    1. Let this cook on slow to medium gas, stirring in between. Do not let it stick to the bottom of the pan.
    2. In the mean time keep a small steel plate in the freezer. We need this to test if the Jam is done.
    3. The fruits will release the juices with the sugar and the mixture will start boiling. Keep it stirring in between.
    4. Once it has thickened a lot, reduce it to minimum and let it cook stirring almost continuously.
    5. You will understand that the Jam is done or almost done when the mixture goes very thick.
  1. At this time you can drop a teaspoon of the mixture on the steel plate.
  2. If it runs out quickly its not done. You can also keep the mixture in the plate in the freezer for a minute.
  3. Remove it after a minute. Check with your finger. It should appear thick or has shrunken a bit its done, if runny its not done.
  4. Once done, let it cool and empty it in the sterlise bottle. (Check the notes above on how to sterlise the bottles)
  5. Enjoy this on a slice of bread or toast or crackers or as a topping on your granola or cornflakes.

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