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BeetRoot Idli/Uttapam

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Beetroot a healthy food, with lots of benefits. It is so versatile that it can be used in salads, can be cooked to make vegetables, desserts, added to make juices and smoothies etc. I specially love the natural colour it imparts to food along with its nutrients. One can use this lovely pink colour in food, specially for pink crazy toddlers. I know one, who demanded pink dosa :-).

Sadly, we do not like to consume it raw and hence is ignored a lot of times. I now simply keep on adding this in different things I make or where it can sneak easily :-). I have even used the tender stems of the beet root in a pancake. It served two purposes, the colour of the pancake was awesome and the vegetable was added and eaten up.

This time I simply grated the beet and added it in my Idli dosa batter. So here goes the recipe:



  • Idli Batter – 1 Kg.
  • Beetroot – 1 medium sized (more can be added, but start with less)
  • Oil for greasing
  • Idli Stand
  • A large pot filled with 1-1.5 glass of water (Idli stand should fit inside it)


  1. Prepare the Idli Batter as here.
  2. Grate the Beetroot. (I grated it with a wide hole grater, as it added to the crunch to the Uttapam and Idli. One can grate it with the smaller one too.)
  3. Mix it in the Idli Batter (around 1 kg). It gives a lovely pink color.
  4. Fill the pot with water, making sure that the base of idli stand is well above the water level when kept inside it.
  5. Keep the water to boil.
  6. In the mean time grease the Idli Stand with little oil (just rub it with your fingers)
  7. With the help of a spoon fill the molds of the Idli Stand.
  8. Once the water starts boiling, immerse the Idli stand in it, and close the lid.
  9. Cook the idli’s for a minimum of 10 minutes, Idlis should be done.
  10. To test prick a knife or a toothpick, it should come out clean. If not let it cook for another 5 mins.
  11. Remove it from the pot, and separate each of the stand layers, and let it cool for minute.
  12. Remove them with the help of a spoon, they come out easily.
  13. Yummy Idli’s are ready. Enjoy the crunch of the beet in the Idli with Coconut Corainder Chutney  and Sambar  or a simple doll-up of butter on top of it.


Preparation For Uttapam


    1. Prepare the Batter as mentioned above.
    2. Heat a pan. Drizzle around 1/2 teaspoon of oil on it.
    3. Take around 2 tablespoons of batter and spread it on the pan. Do not make it too thin, Uttapam’s are a bit thick.


    1. Cover it and let it cook.
    2. After 4-5 minutes apply some 1/4 teaspoon of oil on top and flip.
  1. Cook it on the other side.
  2. You might notice that there are dark spots on the uttapam, they will occur as the brown spots when cooked gets dark because of the beet.
  3. Serve it hot, with  Coconut Corainder Chutney  and Sambar  or as is.
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Sharing is caring!

Mayuri Patel

Monday 17th of June 2019

I love beetroot both cooked or raw. Lovely colour of the idli and uttapam. Makes both of them so much more healthier and am sure kids would love the pink colour.