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Home made Mawa (Khoya) from Milk

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1 Ltr. Full Fat Milk


You will require a heavy bottom pan completely clean with no food traces or else the milk will curdle. Eg: A heavy Kadai(Frying wok) or a non stick Kadai with good heavy base.


1.  Add the milk into the pan  let it boil on a slow flame stirring occasionally.
2.     Keep stirring in between once the milk starts boiling. (Slow flame only)

3.     When malai (cream) starts to form start putting it on the edges of the pan swiftly.

Home made Mawa


4.     Keep stirring and putting the cream on the edges until no milk remains.


5.     Let it cool.

Your mawa is ready. It should make around 225-250 gms of mawa from a full fat milk.

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