Winter Special Vegetarian Dinner Thali

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Winter Special Dinner Thali is special vegetarian thali which is made using locally sourced organic winter veggies. The thali has all the delicious veggies that helps your body provide the necessary warmth during winters.

Thali has Clockwise from 6'o clock, 2 Parathas (carrot & Plain), Beetroot Salad, Turnip Bharta, Kale, tofu and corn curry and yogurt in between. Beetroot soup is seen on the side along with a glass of water on the other side.

This is my third entry for the thali marathon, which is a month long marathon where we would be sharing different thalis and platters for the whole month except Saturday. 

Winter Veggies

Today’s thali has the goodness of Turnip, Beetroot, Carrot and Kale. Turnips also called Shalgam in Hindi and Beetroot called Chukandar in Hindi are root winter vegetables. They are a good source of nutrition to our body. For both Turnip and Beetroot leaves as well as the roots are edible. 

Beetroot Recipes

Beetroot generally all are aware and I use it a lot in my everyday cooking. I love to make this Beetroot Hummus which is used as a dip for my salads. For my main meals, I love to make this simple Beetroot and Carrot Sandwich, Beetroot Puri, Beetroot Idli/Uttapam or this Beetroot Paratha. When everyone has got enough of beet and I want to sneak it in I love to make this Beetroot and Oats Cookies and this Beetroot and Dates Energy Bites.

Turnip or Shalgam

Turnip or Shalgam is a bit new to my kitchen. Yes even though being a North Indian this veggie was not much used in our everyday cooking. However when I shifted here, I used to see this a lot in the markets. Still I did not buy it. Then when I started getting veggies from our local farm, I had no option. As they were starting and it was small start, they provided veggies boxes. In this box, I got this Turnip. So I had to put this for good use and hence I decided to make our Indian style easy Turnip Bharta.  

Yes after that I have got turnip multiple times and I have a few more recipes coming up with it. One such easy one and I bet it would also be a favourite among kids. I would be sharing this in this series as a part of platter. So keep watching this space.

The planning of Winter Special Dinner Thali

As I have to do preparations for the week ahead with my office, I decided to make this winter thali. As I was making the carrot paratha dough for the week ahead I decided to add it in the thali. Vegan Kale, Tofu and corn curry was already prepared the previous day.

I was making Carrot, Beetroot and Horse Gram Sprout Soup and Turnip Bharta for dinner so thought to put it all across as a thali. So I just added a veggie and a soup and a whole some special thali was ready. And yes we really enjoyed this thali in small portions and it was a complete and satisfying meal for sure.  

Thali has Clockwise from 6'o clock, 2 Parathas (carrot & Plain), Beetroot Salad, Turnip Bharta, Kale, tofu and corn curry and yogurt in between. Beetroot soup is seen on the side along with a glass of water on the other side.

So in Today’s Winter Special Vegetarian Dinner Thali I have

Vegan Purple Kale, Tofu and Corn Curry. Closer look of Tofu pieces in the green Kale Curry

  • Turnip (Shalgam) Bharta & Curd/Yogurt
Close up look of Shalgam Bharta / Turnip Veggie Mash

Close up look of Carrot Beetroot and Horse gram sprouts Soup is a comforting, nutritious and a healthy soup.

  • Whole Wheat Paratha/Roti
  • Whole Wheat Carrot Paratha/Roti
Close up look of Carrot & Plain Paratha

  • Beetroot Salad
Simple Beetroot Salad

PS – As said in my earlier post on North Indian Vegetarian Lunch Thali, I am sharing the recipes individually for each of the above in Separate posts. For some the recipes would be there on my blog, for some I would be adding on so please bear with me.

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Winter Special Vegetarian Dinner Thali is special thali made using locally sourced organic winter veggies like Turnip, Beetroot, Carrot and Kale.

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8 thoughts on “Winter Special Vegetarian Dinner Thali”

  • Renu , this is a perfect winter thali , starting from soup – I love the way you have presented it , it’s beautiful vibrant colour !
    The shalgam ka Bharta – it seems similar to the shalgam I made yesterday !
    Kale Tofu – I have not tasted – but assume palak ka bhai bhen hai , so has to be nutritious and delicious .
    The carrot paratha – one can just gobble it down without any side dish !
    Awesome menu choice , and selected very carefully .

    • Thank You, Honestly I did not plan the menu at all. It was what I got from the farm. But yes it ended up as a winter thali. Infact I decided the name too last week 🙂

  • You have a lot of brilliant colors in your thali, it looks so pleasing to the eye. I haven’t seen a turnip Bhartha recipe, so I will look forward to that!

  • Wow, the thali looks so bright and colourful. Not to say how healthy! We do not actually have anything specific for winter, though there are some veggies that are available only during the winter months. however, it is hardly ever chill..I would love to make this thali Renu.

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