26 Vegetarian Grain Recipes (Rice/Millets..)

Finally I successfully finished my second Mega BM on 26 Vegetarian grain recipes and on time. My earlier BM was last september featuring 26 different International Flatbreads in the order of A-Z.

26 Vegetarian Grain Recipes

I had started preparing for this Mega BM a few months back, but it took a back seat. Blame that to a lot of unexpected things. I also had a travel planned for a week in the month and had almost given up on the challnege.

But I wanted to do it, given the fact that I had a few dishes ready. I did not want to leave this challenge just because of some small issues. So I focussed on my shortlisted list again. Since it was a grain festival, I can say the list was endless.

My first attempt was on making a rice dish from each state. Most of them where ellaborate Birayani’s. Slowly I could sense that this would not be possible for me and my family. I would not be able to make so many with office and kids and secondly the main thing was we would not be able to eat so much. As we do not eat much rice, so consuming it every week would have been really difficult.

So I revamped my list and went for healthier alternatives. As the main criteria for this festival was that the dish has to feature a grain. So I included many non-rice based dish. Though I did not plan of subthemes, it eventually worked that way. . So I divided the weeks into sub-themes and was happy with it. Finally I was able to do 26 Vegetarian grain Recipes.

So for the first week I started with dishes that feature a grain but they are not rice. I included some healthy grains like Jowar, Bajra, Buckwheat, Samak Rice etc. Recipes that I prepared for the first week were:

26 Vegetarian grain recipes feature many healthy one pot meals, pulao or Biryani's of which many are vegan, gluten free, kid and toddler friendly.

For the second week I did all khichdi’s. Where a grain is clubbed along with some dal. The grain can or cannot be rice. This khichdi’s were mostly a one pot healthy kid, toddler or baby friendly foods. I have used very less spice in all the khichdi recipes, you can add if require. Also they are all no onion no garlic khichdi, so all in all an easy and delicious one pot meals. Recipes I shared for this sub-theme were:

26 Vegetarian grain recipes feature many healthy one pot meals, pulao or Biryani's of which many are vegan, gluten free, kid and toddler friendly.

For the third week I went with pulao or rice based dishes which are cooked along with some spices or where without a specific masala that dish would be incomplete. Recipes I shared for this sub-theme were:

26 Vegetarian Grain Recipes

For the last week I still had a few dishes to prepare and hence the theme was mixed, from Biryani to Pulao to healthier Quinoa based dish. Recipes I shared for this sub-theme were:

The last week just had 2 days and hence I decided to go with easier and quick 10 min Breakfast recipes that feature a grain. So for this sub-theme I made the below dishes:

Hope you all enjoyed my series of 26 Vegetarian Grain recipes. Keep watching this space for more and more recipes coming you way.

Love to read your comments and feedback. Do drop a line in the comment section if you like and do not forget to rate the Recipe. If you try this recipe, would love to see your creations, take a picture and do tag me at @cookwithrenu using the hashtag #Cookwithrenu on Facebook, Twitter and @Renunad on Instagram. Subscribe to my email list so that you get the recipe straight in your mailbox.

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