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South Indian Breakfast Thali

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This South Indian Breakfast thali is a lip-smacking delicious thali, perfect for all ages and a complete balance of carbs and proteins.

South Indian Breakfast thali is a lip-smacking delicious thali, perfect for all ages and a complete balance of carbs and proteins.

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As much as I love my parathas and chilas, I love Idli and Dosa. Breakfast for me is incomplete without south Indian Idli and dosa. And when I am sharing a breakfast thali series, this South Indian Breakfast thali had to feature in it.

Mini Tiffin or Mini Breakfast Thali

This might not be as elaborate Breakfast thali as generally served in South India. For me, this is a mini South Indian Breakfast Thali or a Mini Tiffin. I call it mini, as I have just included 1 chutney and 1 sambar. Generally, a south Indian Thali would have 2-3 different chutneys. 

For us, this is a complete breakfast with recipes each and everyone like. Some like vada, some idli, and some dosa or uttapam. For the sweet here I have included Beetroot Halwa as I had beetroot in plenty during winters and decided to make good use of it. Though we enjoyed this as a lunch instead of breakfast, we thoroughly loved it.

Batter for Idli, Dosa and Uttapam

I make the same batter for Idli, Dosa, and Uttapam. Yes, this might not be traditionally followed but for me, this is easier and I love it. I make the batter at once. I make Idli on day one. Dosa the next day. And if we are bored with Idli or Dosa we go for Uttapam, which can be tomato or onion. So In all one batter and I am hitting 3 different meals for 3 different days. I would say such recipes are a must for a working mom. 

Fermenting Idli Dosa batter in a cold climate

If you are struggling with fermenting Idli Dosa batter at home, especially when you are living in a cold climate, check out my detailed post on fermenting tips for Idli Dosa Batter in Cold Climate

I am sharing this South Indian Breakfast Thali, as a part of the Breakfast Series for the month-long BM. Earlier I shared this, Jharkhand Breakfast Thali featuring Chilka Roti and Goan Breakfast thali featuring Chanya Tonak in Instant pot. My earlier theme was on Indian Flatbreads and Thalis.

So today’s South Indian Breakfast Thali features : 

  • Idli – This is a simple rice and lentil Idli served on this platter. However, I have more than 10 Idli recipes on my blog. Few of them are no rice Idli.
Close up look of Idli
  • Onion Uttapam – I have made mini uttapam for the thali and topped it with some onion. They are made a bit thick and have a soft texture, but crispier base.
Close up look of Mini Onion Uttapam
  • Sada Dosa – Again the one I made is the popular rice and lentil dosa. Few more dosa recipes can be found here.
Close up look of Sada Dosa
  • Beetroot Halwa/Kesari
Close up look of Beetroot Halwa/Kesari
  • Sambar – This sambar is without any vegetables the way my family likes. Made with homemade sambar masala , we love our Idli and Vada dunked in this piping hot sambar.
Close up look of Sambar

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South Indian Breakfast thali is a lip-smacking delicious thali, perfect for all ages and a complete balance of carbs and proteins. It has Idli, Medu Vada, Onion Uttapam, Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Beetroot Halwa/Kesari

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Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Actually in Tamil Nadu, there is no separate batters for idli, dosa and uttappam. It's all one and the same. We use batter first for making idlis and then for dosa and the well-fermented batter for uttapam. You honestly don't need assorted chutneys and this is how homestyle breakfast thali looks like. You have nailed it.


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Wow ! Love the South Indian platter , but for us we want everything on the table at one go ! Ehe he .. the idlis , dosas along with sambar and rasam and at least two chutneys - seriously and there’s variety in dosa also ! Awesome meal , we love it and I can see the idlis have come out absolutely stunning , love their texture . Also that kesari - it’s pulling me :))

Suma Gandlur

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Even in south we don't happen to make all the dishes together and so this platter sure makes a filling meal for anytime of the day.

Harini Rupanagudi

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

That is such a comforting plate of food. I have honestly never made these all for a same meal. Love it.


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Don’t worry Renu, neither my mom nor my mother in law made different batters for dosa and idli. They used the same batter for both and they did the same as you - day 1 (and maybe day 2 )is idli and then it’s dosa afterwards. Uthappam was when the batter was slightly more sour. For me, that’s a great platter to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Renu Agrawal Dongre

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Thanks Rajani.