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Ginger, Beetroot and Celery Juice

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Ginger, Beetroot and Celery Juice is a healthy, Sugar-Free and Immune boosting juice. Made with just 4 main ingredients, it is made in just 5-10 minutes of your time. It is a good detoxifying and alkalizing drink. 

Ginger, Beetroot & Celery Juice served in 2 glasses with a garnish of mint. Seen in the background is some celery leaves

This juice is naturally sweet from Beetroot. Celery is a low-carb vegetable and contains 95% water. It hence adds the needed water to the juice. Ginger and lemon are added to give the much-needed flavour. But that said, even though added in small quantities, they add their health portion to the juice.

Another such healthy juice recipe which I tried recently is this Pineapple and Ginger Juice with Spinach and Cucumber. A burst of flavours and pack with healthy ingredients, this juice may give you the necessary immunity boost.

Celery Stalks and Celery Greens

Celery stalks are widely used as opposed to their green leaves. However, celery greens are edible too. I am a bit new to celery. All I did was making juices with celery and eating them with some homemade peanut butter or chutneys. I recently tried a Celery chutney and it was quite refreshing and bursting with flavours.


A rich source of iron and fibre, I like to incorporate beetroot in many of my recipes. Beetroot can be eaten raw, boiled, baked. Some easy ways and healthy ways to add beetroot to your diet are by making this, Carrot, Beetroot and Horsegram soup or this Beetroot Hummus.

Lunch Box Recipes or Travel food with Beetroot

One can even make healthy lunch box recipes or travel recipes with Beetroot. I love to make this Beetroot Paratha and Beetroot Idli. Kids also love to eat these Vegan and Gluten-Free Beetroot and Oats cookies

Beetroot and Carrot Yogurt Sandwich is a healthy breakfast or a snack which everyone would love.

Are Beetroot Greens Edible

Yes, Beetroot greens are edible too and it is a wonderful and healthy veggie to sneak into many dishes. I love to add the beet greens in my khichdi, dal, Idli or Dosa. It adds colour to the dish and kids love it.

Ginger, Beetroot & Celery Juice served in 2 glasses with a garnish of mint. Seen in the background is some celery leaves, beetroot, ginger and lemon

Today’s recipe of Carrot Beetroot and Celery Juice

All I did is chopped the beetroot and celery finely. Added it to my mixer/blender along with ginger and blended it to a smooth consistency. One may need to add a little water or orange juice to achieve a juice-like consistency required. I love to add a bit of chaat masala for flavour but it is completely optional.

All in all this Ginger, Beetroot and Celery Juice is a fibre-rich, detoxifying juice loaded with essential nutrients. It will keep you hydrated, may improve your digestion and may help fight infections.

Filtering Juice

I do not like to filter my juices as I believe one has all the nutrients in the pulp. One can filter if required, using a muslin cloth or a strainer.

Adding Salt

I do not like to add salt to my juices or raw food as much as I can. So I have skipped adding that. If you are not enjoying the taste, one can add salt as per taste.

Ginger, Beetroot & Celery Juice served in 2 glasses with a garnish of mint. Seen in the background is some celery leaves, beetroot, ginger and lemon

Adding additional Sugar?

Sugar is not needed in this juice at all. If you have a very sweet taste then you can add a spoon. Again adding sugar to this juice will take away the health benefits this juice will impart.

Flavourings (Optional)

I have added chaat masala to this recipe. Chaat masala is a blend of spices made using seeds and herbs. It has some Himalayan salt in it so it does compensate for not adding salt. Also, the chaat masala gives a nice flavour to the juice. However, if you do not have it, you can completely skip it. I add because I like the taste and flavour.

Water or Orange Juice

I have added simple water to this juice for consistency. One can add orange juice or fresh oranges too in this juice instead of water. Avoid store-bought orange juice as it would have added sugar.

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    Ginger, Beetroot & Celery Juice served in 2 glasses with a garnish of mint. Seen in the background is some celery leaves, beetroot, ginger and lemon

    Ginger, Beetroot and Celery Juice

    Ginger, Beetroot and Celery Juice is a healthy, Sugar-Free, detoxifying and Immune boosting juice made with just 4 main ingredients and in 10 minutes.
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    Course: Beverage, Breakfast
    Keyword: Gluten Free, Healthy, Immune Boosting Recipes, Sugar Free, Summer Recipes, Vegan, Vegetables
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Servings: 2 Medium Size Glasses
    Author: Renu Agrawal-Dongre



    • 1 medium-size Beetroot
    • 3-4 Celery stalks
    • ¼ inch Fresh ginger
    • 1 teaspoon Fresh Lemon Juice
    • 1 teaspoon Chaat Masala -Optional
    • Salt -Optional – I have not added
    • Water/Orange Juice as needed – I have used water


    • Peel and rinse the beetroot.
    • Rinse the celery stalks and ginger.
    • Roughly chop the beetroot and celery stalks in ½ inch pieces.
    • Add the beetroot, celery pieces, ginger to a blender.
      Adding Ingredients in Blender
    • Blend it
      Blending the ingredients
    • You might need to add some water to blend into a smooth consistency.
      The Blended Juice
    • Add the lemon juice, and chaat masala (if using).
    • Serve immediately.


    • Instead of water, one can use fresh oranges or orange juice.
    • Chaat masala and salt is optional.
    • Ingredient quantity can be adjusted.
    • The juice can be kept in the fridge for 1-2 days, but it is best to drink juices immediately
    • I have used my Indian Mixer grinder and it does blend well. 
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    Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. The nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate only. It varies depending upon the product types or brands.

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    4.75 from 4 votes (3 ratings without comment)
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    Rebekah Hills

    Monday 10th of May 2021

    You crammed so much AMAZING good stuff into this drink!!

    Wendy Klik

    Sunday 9th of May 2021

    I wasn't sure if you needed to cook the beets before juicing but happy to see it's not necessary

    Mayuri Patel

    Sunday 9th of May 2021

    I prepare beetroot juice often with fresh orange or tomato. Like adding ginger as it tastes really good. Renu like the idea of adding celery greens and celery stalks to prepare a healthy and colorful Ginger Beetroot and Celery Juice. A good way to include celery in one's diet.

    Camilla M. Mann

    Sunday 9th of May 2021

    What a gorgeous glass of juice, Renu! Thanks for sharing it with the group today.