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Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali (Indian Regional Thali)

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Today we are featuring yet another cuisine and this time it is my birth state, Maharashtra. Yes, we are virtually travelling to the state of Maharashtra today to represent yet another lip-smacking, spicy, sweet, and yummy Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali.

Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali is a comforting and solu satisfying, balanced meal bursting with spicy and sweet flavours from various dishes.

A little about Maharashtra

Maharashtra the land of the Marathas, is located in the west and the central part of the country. It has a long coastline stretching across the Arabian Sea on the west. One of the most industrialized states in India with Mumbai the state capital and also the biggest financial and commercial capital.

Maharashtrian Cuisine

Maharashtrian cuisine is a mix of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.  Malvani and Konkani cuisine is famous non-vegetarian cuisines. As Maharasthra is on the coastal side, seafood and rice are staples and are more famous for this cuisine.

Then you have Maharashtrian Brahmins who have specialized in Vegetarian cuisine. In all, you have a mix of everything in Maharashtra.

The cuisine includes a blend of mild to spicy dishes. Khandeshi Cuisine from Maharashtra is known to be the hottest cuisine. Wheat, rice, Jowar, Bajri, and Fresh seasonal Vegetables are the staple food of Maharashtra.

Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali is a comforting and solu satisfying, balanced meal bursting with spicy and sweet flavours from various dishes.

Use of Seasonal & Local Ingredients

As it lies on the coastal stretch hence use of fresh coconut is quite common in most of the dishes. Peanuts, and fresh coconut are used to make fresh masala. Herbs like curry leaves and coriander leaves are used in tempering as well as a garnish.

Kothimbir Vadi, a famous snack made using fresh coriander leaves, is one of the most popular tea-time snack recipes. Another such famous recipe is this Squash Leaves Patra / Butternut Squash-Pumpkin Patra / Stuffed Squash Leaves roll, typically made using colocasia or taro root leaves I have made using my fresh homegrown Squash leaves.

Masala Used in Maharashtrian Cuisine

Then the use of special kala masala, goda masala , kanda lasoon masala is quite common. Each household will have its own variation. Few common spices are there in this masala, but yet they differ in taste and variations with a few minor differences. 

Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali is a comforting and solu satisfying, balanced meal bursting with spicy and sweet flavours from various dishes.

Breakfast & Fast Food

Misal, Pohe, Upma, Sabudana Khichdi, Amboli, thalipeeth are a few of the common and typical breakfast menus. The famous Mumbai Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Bhelpuri are common fast foods in Mumbai. 


Lunch will generally be simple chapati, dal, rice (varan bhaat), amti or usal, dry vegetable, chutney, and koshimbir (salad). Matha (Buttermilk), Sol kadhi , Piyush are served as beverages.


Dinner at times would be simple Varan bhaat, khichadi or chapati with seasonal bhaji. Different gluten free bhakris are made using Jowar, rice, and Bajra depending on the season. Considered to be light on the tummy for dinner.

Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali is a comforting and solu satisfying, balanced meal bursting with spicy and sweet flavours from various dishes.


Day to day food might not have sweets. But there are a lot of famous sweets from this cuisine like Shrikhand, Basundi, Modak, Aamras, Dudhi Halwa, etc.

Gul Poli is another sweet flatbread that is consumed as a sweet or a snack. Puran Poli typically made during Holi is a sweet lentil stuffed flatbread. A delicious and healthy preparation is generally served with Katachi Amti.

This is just day to day, then you have special occasions and festive food. Special wedding food etc. There is a lot to write and I can go on and on, but I guess I need to stop here. 

Mega Thali BM

So I started this Mega Thali BM with a Simple everyday North Indian Vegetarian Lunch Thali, the thali which I have grown up eating, and ended it with this Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali.

Maharashtrian cuisine which I have learned being born and brought up in Mumbai and now married to a Maharashtrian. Both these cuisines are close to my heart and hence I thought to start with one and end with the other. 

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Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali is a comforting and solu satisfying, balanced meal bursting with spicy and sweet flavours from various dishes.

So My Today’s Vegetarian Maharashtrian Thali has

  • Kothimbir Vadi – Steamed snack made using fresh green coriander leaves and later on shallow fried or deep-fried. 
Maharasthrian Kothimbir Vadi

  • Steamed White Rice – Simple white steamed rice 

Steamed Rice and Tendli Bhaat
  • Bharli Vangi – Spicy and yummy eggplant or aubergine stuffed with coconut and spice mixture and cooked to perfection.

  • Batata Bhaji – Simple and delicious vegetable made using potato.
Bharli Vangi and Batata Bhaji

  • Puran Poli – Sweet lentil stuffed flatbread generally made using Holi, Diwali, or any festive gatherings.

  • Chapati – Simple whole wheat chapati or roti. 
Chapati & Puran Poli

  • Coconut Coriander Chutney – Spicy and lip-smacking chutney made using coconut, coriander, and garlic.

  • Thecha – 3 ingredients spicy and yummy chutney made using green chillies, garlic, and oil.

Coconut Chutney, Thecha, Pickle

  • Koshimbir – A must salad in Maharashtrian Thali. A salad made using cucumber, tomato, green chilly along with yogurt/curd.

  • Home made Sabudana Papad – Homemade papad made using sabudana or Tapioca pearls. 
Sabudana Papad

  • Solkadhi – Beverage made using coconut, kokum, and a few spices. I could not get the traditional pink color that comes from the Kokum. Probably as it has been a bit old.

  • Sprouted Matki Usal – Usal or a spicy curry made using sprouted moong beans, cooked along with spicy onion and coconut paste.  
Sprout Moong Usal

  • Tomato Dal – Day to day dal made using toor dal along with tomato.
Tomato Dal

  • Katachi Amti – A spicy, tangy, and sweet vegan curry made using leftover chana dal stock.
Katachi Amti is a traditional Maharashtrian style thin, spicy, tangy and slightly sweet dal or curry made using the stock of Chana Dal. Served in a blue bowl along with Puran poli

  • Ghee – To enjoy it along with Puran Poli or steamed rice
Ghee_Clarified Butter

  • Kesar Pista Shrikhand – A delicious sweet made using curd/yogurt along with Sugar, Kesar, and Pistachio.
Kesar Pista Shrikhand

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Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

Very elaborate thali and I thoroughly enjoyed all your regional thalis for this week. Learnt lot of new dishes and plan to try something soon.

Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Yet another elaborative thali from your and well explained. Just read your yesterday's post as well. So you know all about UP, Rajasthani and Maharashtra cuisine... That's so awesome. I have tried sol kadhi, srikhand, usal, amti and bharli vangi from these lists. Kothambir vadi is something that I need to try.


Saturday 3rd of October 2020

Wow ! That’s an awesome and an elaborate spread . Since you are born and brought up and married to a Maharashtian , I assume you are a pro on this cuisine .

Everything on this Thali is super super inviting , i love thecha , kotmeer Vadi , usal , sol kadhi ... and well everything ! Heh he - seriously , each and every dish has been well thought of and presented . Kudos in this ! Wonderful way to end the marathon , and I have enjoyed reading all your posts . Hope to run the April marathon with you :))

Renu Agrawal Dongre

Saturday 3rd of October 2020

Thank you so much. and this is the one I re-did as did not like the previous one.


Saturday 3rd of October 2020

A very nice detailed post and an elaborate thali here Renu! Enjoyed reading it and my eyes are stuck on the puran boli and ghee now :-)

Harini Rupanagudi

Friday 2nd of October 2020

Wow! Many similarities with what I have cooked in this thali. Wonderful collection for sure. Each one is a specialty. Love this cuisine.