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50+ Rice, Grains, Beans, and Legumes Recipes (Store Cupboard Recipes)

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A collection of Store Cupboard Recipes, i.e recipes using rice, grains, beans, dals, legumes or different flours.

Image of Dals, Lentils, Beans, Rice etc.

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The above pic uses different dals, beans and rice and is 1/2 cup of each. With half of this quantity I made this flourless Mix Lentils and Beans Chila/Dosa/Pancake. One can literally use any combination here. One can add the different lentils and beans which one do not like and add in here. Everytime you will have a different pancake which would taste amazing.

Store Cupboard Recipe made using a mix of Lentils and Beans. It is a Chila/Dosa or a Savoury Flourless Pancake.

Here are a few ideas from my blog. The below recipes hardly use any vegetables, except tomatoes in a few recipes or not at all. If I have added any veggie recipe and you do not have, just skip adding it or check another recipe.

Also most of the recipes do not have any onion or garlic. If they have and you do not have, just skip it. Enjoy some meals without them, they are tasty. 

I am sure you would get at least one fourth of the recipes which you can make from the ingredients available in your pantry. So here is a few list apart from a lot of Store Cupboard Recipes.

Breakfast/Main Course

  1. Vegetable and Mix Flour (Rava(Semolina),Rice,Oats) Pancake
  2. Buckwheat Groats Pancakes | Farali Kuttu ka Cheela
  3. Oats Vegetable Chila (Pan Cake)
  4. Oats and Green Dal Chila (Pan Cake)
  5. Mix Lentils and Beans Chila/Dosa/Pancake
  6. Basic Idli Dosa Batter & Fermenting Idli Dosa Batter In Cold Climate
  7. Oats and Dalia (Broken Wheat/Cracked Wheat) Idli
  8. Bajra (Pearl Millet) Idli
  9. Vegetable and Mix Flour (Bengal Gram,Rice) Pancake
  10. Vegetable Rava (Semolina) Pancake/Appe
  11. Mix Flour Chila/PanCake (Bajra,Jowar, Rava,Rice and Urad Dal)
  12. Tomato Omelette / Besan Chila (PanCake)
  13. Farinata Genovese : Ligurian Chickpea Flatbread
  14. Semolina and Vermicelli Instant Idli (Steamed Cakes) ~ Rava & Sevai Instant Idli
  15. Instant Ragi Dosa
  16. Instant Ragi Idli
  17. Savory 10 minutes Vegetable Oats Upma
  18. Rava Upma (Savory Porridge made from Semolina)
  19. Kanda Poha | Easy Breakfast Recipe
  20. Split Green Moong Dal Idli | No Rice Idli
  21. Neer Dosa (Vegan & Gluten Free Thin Rice Crepes)
  22. Gluten Free Ragi Mudde | Finger Millet Balls
  23. Quinoa Chia Multiseed Bread (Vegan~Gluten Free~Dairy Free) 
  24. No Rice Kulith Idli | Horse Gram Idli

Main Course

  1. Bedai (Dal Puri’s)
  2. Ragda Pattice
  3. Chole (Indian Chickpeas curry)
  4. Quinoa Pulav
  5. Pearl Barley and Mung Dal Khichdi
  6. Instant Thalipeeth (PanCake)
  7. Oats Paratha
  8. Broccoli Toor/Arhar Dal
  9. Char Dal (Mixed Dal)
  10. Chana Dal Chataka | Spicy Split Chickpeas Soup
  12. Masoor Dal/Brown Lentils/Kali Masoor ki Dal
  13. Samak Rice Khichdi | Vrat ke Chawal | Farali Khichdi
  14. Farali Kuttu ki Khichdi | Buckwheat Khichdi
  15. Pearl Barley Pulao
  16. Bajre ka Bhat (Pearl millet one pot meal)
  17. Gluten free Jowar pulao | Sorghum pearls pulao
  18. Daliya and Split Green Moong Dal Khichdi
  19. Bhoger Khichuri | Bengali Khichuri | Bhaja Muger Dal Khichuri
  20. Yellow Moong Dal Khichdi
  21. Bajra and Split Green Moong Dal Khichdi
  22. Puliyodharai |Tamarind Rice
  23. Rajasthani Gatta Pulao
  24. Brown Rice Chickpea Pulao
  25. Maharasthrian Masala Bhat
  26. Gul Poli | Tilgul Poli | Jaggery and Sesame seeds stuffed Indian flatbread
  27. Kongu Thakkali Kuzhambu | Coimbatore Style Vegan Tomato Curry


  1. Besan Pakodi/Pakoda/Fritters/Bite Size/Finger Food
  2. Red Kidney Beans and Black Chickpeas Kabab | Rajma and Kala Chana Pattice (Tikki)
  3. Easy Homemade Baked Falafel (No Canned Beans)
  4. Black-eyed Pea Fritters | Chawali | Lobia Vada
  5. Instant Khaman Dhokla
  6. Moong Dal Pakoda (Fritters)


  1. Kabuli Chana Salad/Chaat (Chickpea Salad)
  2. Kala Chana Chaat/Salad (Kala Chana / Black ChickPea / Bengal Gram)
  3. Indian Style Sprouted Mung Bean & Mango Salad
  4. Sprouted Horse gram (Kulith) Salad


  1. Easy Golden Turmeric Hummus


  1. Eggless Jowar Chocolate Cookies (Gluten Free)
  2. Besan Ladoo (Indian festive Sweet )
  3. Bajre ki Tikki | Pearl Millet Cookies
  4. Til Gul Ladoo without Jaggery Syrup

Few more ideas for you to enjoy or spend time with your kids. Also a good way to make them learn some cooking, baking and household chores.

Check on the below collection of recipes for:

50+ Rice, Grains, Beans, Dals, Legumes and Flour Recipes which you can make using your Store Cupboard ingredients.

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